Our Partners

RFIDiom is proud to partner with EastBridge, a leading supplier of RFID based library solutions that provide added value for our end customers. Eastbridge develop creative and innovative solutions based on open standards and new technology. All solutions are developed in-house as are its products and services.


A prerequisite of self-service is a properly functioning automated solution that enables the returning and borrowing of library materials independently. RFID (Radio Frequent Identification) is a mature technology that supports and simplifies the identification of library materials and the entire procedure.

Due to the introduction of self-service in libraries, working hours have been freed up with which libraries can further optimise service to customers; resulting in an extension of opening hours, expanded functions of the library and the better deployment of staff.


All library system-related payments (loan fee, fines, subscription fees and, in conjunction with internet regulation software, also printing) can be dealt with by the payment solutions offered. Payment with cash, chip and pin and NFC is all possible.


The payment solutions give the customers a high degree of privacy. Customers pay without intervention from employees and the financial transactions are processed immediately in the library system.

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