CrossTalk is the most advanced software suite for IoT integration and Track & Trace visualization. 

CrossTalk DeviceManagement delivers plug & play integration for most of the AutoID devices and backend systems on the market. It allows a mix of technologies from major RFID, RTLS and Barcode providers. 

CrossTalk AppCenter provides many visual track & trace business scenarios out of the box. With the modular approach, it's highly configurable and customizable apps allows CrossTalk to use in any scenario.

The CrossTalk AutoID Suite from NoFilis is designed to meet the most important requirements regarding an automated identification solution:


  • Modular best of breed approach.

  • Plug & Play device integration.

  • Leightweighted, distributed software components.

  • Robust infrastructure, no single point of failure.

  • Local real-time processing intelligence.

  • Patented tag movement detection and unwanted tag filtering.

  • Track & Trace application framework

  • Mobile device integration and workflow support.

  • Broad EPC and ISO RFID standards compliance.

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