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What is the chain of infection?

A chain of infection and the tracking thereof describes the process and route of transmission of a pathogen from one host to another. The infected host is generally referred to as the donor and although this donor may not show any visible signs of infection, they can still pass on these infectious pathogens to another unknown recipient. Having a precise knowledge and full visibility and transparency about the chain of infection within your company enables you as an employer to take a targeted, measured approach to put in place processes so that you can both protect your employees and the overall business.

Why is this important?

As lockdown restrictions are eased over the next few weeks and months more and more people will be returning to their jobs and workplaces. Your company may not have facilities or it may not be viable for your employees to work from home. In any case, as an employer you are still responsible for the health and wellbeing of your employees, for ensuring a smooth operation for employees returning to work and for running your company going forward in the future.

In this situation, it is most important that there is an effective method of tracking all contacts for a person infected with corona within a company, should this diagnosis occur, but you may now know...

  • Who has been sitting near an infected person in the canteen?

  • Who was in the meeting with the sick person last week?

  • Who were their colleagues on the recent late shift?

Pricing Model

Base Package: Contact Tracing Rapid Deployment Kit: £7,899.99

Which Includes:

  • Workflow RT Software for Contact Tracing (3-month subscription inc)

  • 100 Prompt Passes (location badges for staff and visitors)

  • 10 Location Sensors

  • 1 4G/Wi-Fi Gateway (includes data service with WorkflowRT subscription)

  • Remote Assistance for Set-up and Ongoing Technical Support

Optional Products and Services ** One-Time Monthly

  • Workflow RT Software for Contact Tracing (3-month subscription included) - One-Time £ 0.00, Monthly £ 399.00

  • Additional Prompt Passes - One-Time £19.00, Monthly £0.99

  • Additional Location Sensors - One-Time £52.99, Monthly £4.50

  • Additional 4G/Wi-Fi Gateways (includes data service with WorkflowRT subscription)* - One-Time £562.99, Monthly £0.00

  • Screens HDMI Device and Subscription - One-Time £100.00, Monthly £16.00

* Gateway model and price may change subject to availability

** Please note RFIDiom can also supply certified PPE on demand. 

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