Asset Tracking

By using an RFID Asset Tracking system you can locate your assets more efficiently, benefit from real-time data, and keep a record of your assets full transactional history; movements, issues & returns, inspections, and more. 


RFID Asset Tracking assists businesses with not only locating equipment quickly, and associating data for What, Where, Who and How the asset has been used, but also speed up the auditing process, making stocktakes either instant through the use of fixed RFID infrastructure, or reduce the process by up to 90% using Handheld RFID devices by capturing multiple tags at the same time.

Free Up Staff Time

Automated Auditing

Locate Assets Fast

Real-time Visibility

Remote Asset Query

Full Asset History

Cloud-based, Configurable Asset Tracking Solution

Track and trace your assets within an Office, Warehouse or any other environment with AsTrack, an industry established asset tracking software. Web-based and leveraging the latest mobile network technologies, AsTrack streamlines your business functions by automating asset management processes. With a choice of technologies that may be implemented, RFIDiom can provide you with a complete automated barcode or RFID tracking and management solution for your business.

Is your organisation managing its assets effectively? Are you using multiple sources of information, or wasting time on spreadsheets and not keeping a full transactional history? Up to 40% of business assets cannot be identified, and 20% of assets in their existing registers no longer exist. If this sounds like your compnay then what about your end of year audits and financial reporting? Are you compliant to industry standards and regulations? AsTrack, the Cloud-based Asset Tracking Solution, allows large organisations or SMEs to manage their assets more efficiently.


AsTrack simplifies and automates time-consuming tasks, is highly configurable, includes extensive reporting capabilities and operational features such as Audits, Issuing and Returns, and supports Compliance adherence with a customisable Inspection Module. With AsTrack, you can setup multiple users to manage your asset registry online through our comprehensive Web Application, or utilise the software via our cross-platform Mobile Application, and have access to a single point of truth for every one of your assets whether in the office or remote locations. 


AsTrack is highly customisable and changes to suit you. Our dynamic, configurable software enables easy implementation with minimal fuss. Eliminate old, inadequate systems such as spreadsheets and expensive hardware scanners. AsTrack is a simple and effective solution for your asset tracking and compliance requirements Statistics show that 40% of business assets cannot be identified & 20% of assets in existing registers no longer exist.


Asset Performance


Track and manage asset availability and performance. Apply maintenance strategies according to an asset's 'criticality', and increase Return on Assets across the entire Asset life cycle.


Cost Control


Balance maintenance costs against replacement costs, reduce unplanned downtime, and reduce parts inventories through better management across multiple sites. Identify warranty opportunities, and minimise maintenance overtime.




Reduce operational risks, and ensure maintenance practices meet corporate and regulatory requirements, including occupational health and safety.


Easy to Use


Navigation is intuitive from the get go with minimal key strokes and predictive data-entry making it a breeze for users. The simple yet powerful mobile device application receives work tasks automatically and even offers a powerful search capability to further enhance user efficiency.


Data Migration & Data Backup


AsTrack supports both import and export of data for external systems. All data is protected in our cloud system using only industry best practices.




Can be deployed as a single site, yet readily scales to accommodate multiple sites, and can span across other entities with different structures such as divisions.

AsTrack Datasheet