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RFIDiom is a specialist RFID, NFC & Auto-ID Consultancy and Solution Development company. We can help you Evaluate, Design, Develop and Implement highly efficient, cost-effective and performance-driven solutions. Small, medium and large businesses and organisations can all benefit from RFID, NFC & Auto-ID technology.


All major RFID technologies are covered. This includes Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), Ultra-High RFID (UHF); in Passive, Semi-Active and Active. We also offer solutions using RTLS, GPS, NFC, Barcode, Biometrics, Security and Asset Protection.


We can also assist in the emerging near-field UHF technology based on EPC Gen2 protocols. Typical applications include jewellery tracking, biometric passports and RFID-enabled credit cards.


Inspectron Ltd

“When faced with a particularly challenging RFID application we turned to RFIDiom for advice. RFIDiom demonstrated a high level of technical expertise and practical knowledge, unrivalled within the RFID industry which helped develop a timely and cost effective solution.

We strongly recommend RFIDiom for their valuable in-depth knowledge of RFID systems and protocols...”

Macon Management & Design Ltd

“RFIDiom demonstrated a clear and thorough understanding of RFID technologies and together with their help, the project progressed quickly with all technical issues being addressed. Their clarity of knowledge and understanding was a breath of fresh air...”

NXP Semiconductors

“RFIDiom have great experience with RF systems and material properties that can significantly affect the performance of an installation. RFIDiom was adding scientific precision paired with a strong project and application focus, but having always an eye on the milestones and time-lines of the projects. 

I strongly recommend RFIDiom whenever expert know-how paired with real-life experience is needed...”

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